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February 9th – Today in Sikh History

Today in Sikh History

Guru Nanak Dev

On February 09 1924- 1st Shaheedhi Jatha of 500 Akali Sikhs, under the command of Jathedar Udham Singh of village Verpal, marched from Sri Akal Takhat for Gangsar, Jaito. It reached Jaito on Feb 20-21, the third anniversary of Nankana tradegy.

JAITO - village under Nabha, which falls on the Bathinda-Ferozpur railway line. It is 96 miles from Lahore and 17 miles from Bathinda.

On February 09 1992-Expressing their desire to live free of India, Sikhs overwhelmingly boycotted elections under the Indian constitution. Despite efforts by government troops to force Sikhs to vote at gunpoint, less than 3.4 percent of the Sikhs in villages voted. In over 2000 villages, not a single vote was cast.

On February 09 1975-First World Sikh Convention was convened by Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra. It resolved (i) to get gurdwaras exempted from Land Ceiling and (ii) from the levy of the income tax on gurdwaras, (iii) to keep intact the jurisdiction of S.G.P.C. as it existed earlier (iv) to force government to hold elections to Delhi Gurdwaras Parbandhak Committee as per the relevant Act. The central government by an ordinance (May 9,1975) agreed to implement all the four demands.


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