Hindus in Pakistan – A People Without a Voice

By Jai Rustgi

Lahore, Pakistan (CHAKRA) – Not only are Pakistani Hindus a people without a voice but also a people without an identity or existence to the outside world.  Most people are not even aware of the fact that about 2.5 million Hindus (about 2% of the total population according to the last census but this number is decreasing rapidly due to fear and is soon expected to be less than 1% ) exist in the Muslim majority Pakistan. The dwindling numbers of Pakistani Hindus are the result of a quiet and steady cultural genocide in a state that has little  ‘Separation of Church and State’ .

Just before the end of colonial rule and independence in 1947, the land, which is now Pakistan comprised of about 26% Hindus out of its total population.  However, after the partition of India, the largest forced migration in human history resulted, during which large scale massacres took place.  Unfortunately, the 26% had dropped down to only 15% Hindus in Pakistan.

The Islamic State of Pakistan flagWith such a high death toll and even greater rate of forced resettlements, many Hindus still chose to remain in their ancestral homeland and were promised protection by the Pakistani government.  Needless to say, the Hindu population of Pakistan, got no such protection, but instead were subject to persecution and had to live a daily life in fear—something they live with even to this very day.

The constitution and legal system created for Pakistan, openly discriminated against Hindus with a high level of crime and harassment against them.  Moreover, periods of tension between India and Pakistan were the worst times for Hindus in Pakistan, during which large numbers were killed and expelled by the Pakistani people, who were supported by the government.  Furthermore, in 1965 a law (The Enemy Property Act) was passed, which openly legitimized the confiscation of the property of Hindus whether it was their homes or temples that were destroyed. This also resulted in a great drop of the Hindu population.

During 1970 and 1971, a huge undocumented number of Hindus were massacred by the Pakistani army in which the estimated death toll was up to 3 million.  However, an actual study has never been done to determine the casualty figures.  In addition, during this time, millions of Hindu women were raped and killed.  It was not only one of the largest but also one the most ignored massacres in human history.

In 1977, Islamic Law was introduced by General Zia ul-Haq, who led a military coup in Pakistan.  This further excluded the Hindu minority in Pakistan creating an arena of open discrimination and hatred against people in their ancestral homes.

According to the facts of history, one would assume that there no longer remains a Hindu population in Pakistan.  Surprisingly, Hindus still exist in Pakistan, most of whom reside in the province of Sindh.  The Hindus of Pakistan, still today are threatened by constant discrimination and fear of the Pakistani people and their government.  Their security, property and lives are at risk on a day to day basis.  Hindus in Pakistan are forced to live in a state in which they cannot openly identify themselves as Hindus.  Their low profile existence, not only affects their self-identity but also, results in a misrepresentation of the number of actual Hindus in Pakistan, hence there is no exact percentage that is completely accurate.  They have become a people without a true identity.  Without an identity there exists no real voice.  Hindus in Pakistan are a people without a voice.  Unfortunately, human rights groups around the world and the international community takes no interest in helping these Hindus without a say.  Due to this, the Hindus of Pakistan remain a forgotten people for whom no help is available to voice their views and fears.

If the outside community does not raise awareness and concern for the Hindus of Pakistan, they will remain a voiceless people and eventually cease to exist within the Pakistani population.  We must come together and help these Hindus without a voice.

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  1. says

    i am very unhappy with this inhumanbeing activity in the world. for activity in india nehru family and congress party has suported in india. the are happy with this type of acriviry.in india we must teach rhe lessonto thes people.then problem can be solved very easily.

  2. says

    we will educate the people in world for better day of the world.we are already on the job .it is very thankless for indian hindus who dont know any thing. we are getting knows about all this thing .i hpe in very soon we are going to very good help to the people without voice .thanks

  3. says

    in the civilized world there should not be any difference between any body.in respect of caste and creates. full world should be properly educated and get problem solved. with the

  4. ek hi lakshya-Hindu Rastra says

    all Hindus in Pakistan,which are reading this article.. please provide me your contact nos and mail id i have to talk you..ihave to know about you, about your cndition..my brothers….please..
    I am very sad to hear about your condition…

  5. Gour Mohanty says

    Yes,India ps the land of HindusThis is the only country where Hindus can live with dignity.But unfortunately , here too the Hindus live as 2nd and 3rd class citizens.The anti-Hindu Nehru , the Muslims, the Christians , and the Communists have prevailed on the framers of the Constitution to give more powers to the so-called minorities , even after the bloody partition .Gandhiji (I am yet to discover who actually gave the title to him ) who could not see beyond his nose , failed to apprehend the horrendous aftermath of the partition , in which the Hindus were butchered , driven out of their home and hearth like herds of cattle , their women suffered indignities in the hands of barbarian Muslims in such large numbers , that the world history has no parallel of it .Adding insult to injury the Congress through its Darbari historians has been makung propaganda teaching Indian students that by the neo-Ahimsa of Mahatma Gandhi India got independence without a drop of bloodshed.Virtually this Gandhi is the real father of Pakistan.;who advised the Hindus to surrender before Muslims, knowing fully well that these foolish gullible Hindus would commit harakiri dictated by him , and the Muslims were bullies and would not care for his advice.His bosom friends Ali brothers openly said that as Gandhi being a kafir his character is worse than even the worst Muslim criminal ..Bamboozled by Gandhi-Nehru cohort the foolish Hindus did not claim Bharat to be Hindu Rashtra .For this Himalayan folly today we have to agitate , fight and pay some price to make it a Hindu Rastra.But that remains the one and only one goal before us , so that the Hindus of the world can survive and live as Hindus .

  6. Ramonita Smelley says

    This piece of writing is in fact a good one it assists new web viewers, who are wishing for blogging.

  7. Dinesh Chauhan says

    It is very bad to hear it that Hindus are living like animals in Pakistan, shame to all pakistan. Doob maro ………………… learn from indians, Hindu PM& Muslim President……………… bUT U NEVER BE LIKE INDIANS BCOZ we r the best..

  8. Gour Mohanty says

    Hindus must rise up and boldly make this demand from the Government of India that since reciprocity is the guiding principle of diplomatic relations between States , it is incumbent on the Government to assure the security of minority Hindus in the Muslim countries ; and that itself is not enough , but these Hindu minorities must enjoy same amount of rights and privileges as the Muslim minorities enjoy in India .

  9. says

    i am very unhappy our brothers living very bad condition and we Hindu people not able to help them. though we have enough sources and power.i will educate the India so that Hindu able to fight against corruption and able to serve world especially in Muslim countries.

  10. kamini sharma says


  11. says

    i am very upset listioning , seeing and watching such kind of work in the educated world.this world became became barbarians world.but with good hope so many people able to sevive.i am very much happy that the currpt nehru family able to remove from the pm post.sc and st going to rule the india and world.in future this thing going to take place very soon. this very very relief to humanity in the world.thanks

  12. Anjali says

    Before partition pakistan comprised of 26% of hindus. It decreased to 15% after partition. And now the number is decreasing rapidly and is soon expected to be less than 1%.
    In India the largest concentrations-about 47% of all Muslims in India, according to the 2001 census
    Officially, India has the third largest Muslim population (after Indonesia and Pakistan).
    Muslims in India have a much higher total fertility rate compared to that of other religious communities in the country.
    Well, if politicians, all those people who bow to muslims are blind, what is to be expected? Muslims dont realise that their forefathers were converted hindus.. Conversion by force or coercion. Sometimes we feel a rage in our heart when we see these politicians appeasing the muslims. Muslims will never be satisfied until they convert the whole world to islam. It is time to be tough with them. We must not adopt the Gandhian attitude. We must fight the asuras until they are eliminated as our scriptures taught us to. When will the world understand the subterfuge of the islamic mindset?

  13. Lalit says

    i am fully agree to Ms Anjali and sh Gaur Mauhanty.
    we should FORCE Indian government to put pressure on pakistan government to save and protect Pak Hindus.

    we should form some alliance to save them and to make there life living.

    one thing for sure……….GOD is seeing everything and the guilty must not be spared and be given at least double the pain they have himself given to the victims….it is one a fact and the only hope which make us feel at least some relief.

  14. sanjay jain says

    its a fact they want to convert entire world to muslim, for hundreds of years they are working towrds this, previously through muscle power now with petro doller from saudi arabia, the worlsd should open there eyez and come together to defeat there desire,, or else our children will be converted to islam and lead stone age life,,

  15. says

    Anjali it was 17% not 47% in 2001 sensus and total population of India was about one billion. Hence there were about 170 million muslims when pakistan at that time had about 160 million total population and the Muslim were about 95%. Rest 5% were Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, and others like Ahmadias and Ismailis who are not counted as Muslims by law. Hence in 2001, India had second largest Muslim population. Even now, Pakistan and India have almost similar size of Muslims as we have. Indonesia is the number one.

    It is for these aggressive designs that Muslims are under pressure in global arena for reforms but it is not easy. Saudi Arabia has issued permission for driving license to women, something unthinkable. Chages are taking place. Same way, awarenes of caste is growing and it is our problem and we have to solve it. Same way problems relating to Islam, it is the duty of Muslims to solve it. I have frequently suggested to them. If you don’t come forward, you will have to pay for your negligence. Time and Tide wait for none.

    Tell me one thing, “Why was Lord Mountbatten kept as Governor General from August 1947 till June 1948 and then Rajaji was intalled as next Governor General till 26 January 1950. Let me test your general knowledge of partition of India.

    Saudi King Fahad has written to the Grand Mufti of Mecca to ban and control Fatwa by the general Moulvis. Now it is difficult for issueing Fatwa order for the common Moulvis without permission from Grand Mufti in Mecca. Established conventions take time to change. There has to be acceptance from the people by a slow transition.

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