At least 25 Hindu Girls Abducted Every Month in the Islamic State of Pakistan

Members of the Hindu Bheel community in Pakistan show pictures of girls who have been kidnapped and converted to IslamBy Antony Thomas

Karachi, Pakistan (CHAKRA) –
An activist and council member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Amarnath Motumal, stated that at least 20 to 25 girls are abducted and converted to Islam against their will every single month. Hindus are targetted due to many local muslims seeing them as kafirs(non muslims) and therefore of lower class as well as evil.

Motumal further stated that this number is lower than the actual numbers because many cases go unreported due to fear of families and loved ones being killed.  “A large number of Hindu girls in Karachi alone are being kidnapped on a routine basis.”  Threats are commonly given by the dangerous kidnappers that if they are reported, the families will hear of their daughter’s death.

Motumal said that the word “Hindu” has become an insult and almost a shame for all Hindus in the Islamic state of Pakistan because of impoverished state 90% of Hindu families live in.  He addressed that the government and others in power are to blame for the lack of rights available to the Hindu community.  Only a few families come to Motumal for help while the majority keep their losses to themselves hoping that not speaking up will devoid them of future misfortunes.

A former MPA, Bherulal Balani said that Hindu girls in specific scheduled classes are the ones mostly being abducted from the Lyari area.  “Once the girls are converted, they are then sold to other people or are forced to do illegal and immoral activities,” Balani said.  He also added that the hostage takers are very powerful and that is primarily why reports are going awry if they are even made to begin with.

The interior South of Pakistan is where the number of kidnappings has increased within the last three months including nine reports which have been made ranging from kidnappings, to forced conversions, rapes and murders.

In the Nagarparker area, a 17 year old girl was raped and in another incident a 15 year old girl was abducted from Aaklee village, Tharparker followed with a forced conversion.  Almost 71 families travelled from the village to protest against the abuse against the girl.

Even on the festival of Holi during celebrations, two Hindu girls, Kishni and Anita were kidnapped from Kotri.  On the same day, Ajay and Sagar, two other boys were also kidnapped from an area close by.

Amir Gul, was murdered by her landlord at the beginning of March in Tando Haider.  Later in March, Kishan Kumar was kidnapped from Kandhkot, Jacobabab.

MPA Pitamber Sewani said that one of the reasons these acts against Hindu minorities are taking place is because the culprits believe that the minority will support the government in “local body” elections so they want to harass these Hindus to alleviate the support level in upcoming elections.

President of the Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Kumar criticized the minority Hindu community representatives for not standing up and letting their voices be heard at important forums.  He said that these leaders were simply representing their parties and not the poor people and their real issues.  He also added that the dire economic conditions, especially in Kandhkot and Jacobab have led to kidnappings and other abuse of the minority Hindus.

Coordinator HRCP Task Force Sindh Dr. Ashothama Lohano said that according to a report, the most pinpointed and harassed communities in the area are of Hindu and Christian communities.  He stated that “The recent wave of extremism is one reason, which has destroyed the harmony of the land of Sufis. Another reason is the destruction of the agriculture sector and small markets that has led to frustration and lawlessness. Yet another reason is that the elected representatives are working only for the party and not for the community.”

He further stated that the minority Hindu community was an easy target because they did not stand up or speak up against the violations due to fear.  At the same time though, if they chose to speak up and take action they were accused of having Indian connections or killed by local Islamic groups.

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  1. sridharan says

    the government in Bharat is totally unconcerned about the problems faced by the Hindus.
    When the Hindus in Bharat themselves are under attck by the government here backed by the churcj h-china-saudi-paki media what action can we expect from them in respect of Pakistani or Bangladeshi Hindus/

    the only solution is for the Hindus of Bharat to wake up .throw out the anti-Hindu politicians lock stock and barrel and install a truly Hindu Government.

  2. anant says

    India should now move towards becoming a purely Hindu state. We are allowing the Tibetians, Muslims, and other foreign tribe to come and settle in India, whereas our Hindu brothers and sisters are considered as animals in other countries. We should kick the foreign people out and let the Hindus come and settle in India.

  3. gurmeet singh says

    i will not say anything about any muslim in india because this is not our mentality
    i feel really very bad why these pakistanies do this wid our hindus there . indian govenrment should take tough steps regarding dat. i cant read dis more dat hindu girls are kidnaped nd forsed to become muslims it hurts a lot

  4. Gour Mohanty says

    If the readers of this article do not know history , let them just read one book THE OTHER FACE OF SILENCE by Urvashi Butalia wherein through her research she has revealed that during Partition of India acceeded to by the heroic Gandhi-Nehru Congress , the incredible number of Hindu and Sikh women and girls raped by Muslim brutes resulted in 75,000 abortions , followed by poison-injection killing of 50,000 babies (abortion not being possible due to advanced stage) in Kapur Hospital of Karolbagh , Delhi . While throwing out Kashmiri Pundits from their homeland , the religious Mullahs had shouted from the top of the Mosques through loudspeakers to these Pundits to leave Kashmir LEAVING BEHIND THEIR WOMEN .This is recent history on record .But the shameless Hindus have always chosen to look the other way or keep their eyes shut .They live in the fool’s paradise of their own making :the blunderland of Indian Secularism .Idoubt if God can save them or if they even deserve it !

  5. says

    In Islamic countries the minorities are discriminated but it is also a fact that the common Muslim population also do not enjoy the democratic rights. The main reason for this is that there are very few countries where there is DEMOCRACY. Most of the nations are ruled by dictators or rulers and the countries where there is so called democracy the real “government for the people, of the people, by the people” hardly exists.
    This is the reason why people of the middle east countries have resorted to come out on the roads and ask for the rulers to go and for their democratic rights.

  6. Gour Mohanty says

    If after independence in 1947 ,the Hindus have not asserted themselves , it is high time now to do so and declare India a HINDU STATE .The Hindus deservingly need a State for themselves where this most ancient and lofty civilisation and culture of the world can prosper and flourish; and where the Hindus not being belligerent by nature, can leave peacefully .It can provide shelter to all the Hindus who are being persecuted in Islam countries who are hell bent to convert and finish the Hindus , as they did to the other ancient race of Parsis , who found no place in their original land of abode Persia (named Iran today).It is India alone which offered them hospitality and safety .This dwindling race numbering less than one lakh live in India, and as true Indians have immensely cintributed to the country.In fact if any community in India deserves the privileges of Minority it is the Parsis alone and not the rapidly multiplying and proloferating Muslims ,who after exacting their pound of flesh , are still inflicting a thousand cuts through bloody terrorism and all set to grab the whole of this holy land.

  7. says

    It is really no use talking about all this. We should produce recorded video or audio evidence and put it on the internet. Unless we do this, nobody will believe it. With today’s modern technology, all this is easily possible. Now can anybody produce evidence for the statements of the Mullahs in Kashmir who demanded the hindus leave their wives behind while escaping? If we can do that, would have won the war. But we are not doing it.

    We need to make a lot of movies and write a lot of books to increase the awareness in the world about the atrocities against the hindu comuunities. Simply whining inside small communities is of little or no use.

  8. hrithik says

    All islamist are same whether it in india or any where else in the world.


    I had never thought of it that Pakistani Muslim have gone to that level against ISLAM. If you force someone to convert into Islamic fold day is not far when masses will adopt another religion leaving this fold. IF YOU ARE TRUE MUSLIM RESPECT OTHER RELIGION TOO.

  10. jharana says

    let justice prevail, i wish, i pray all day and night, since i dont hv power to anything to save them or protect them, i would pray, all day and night, to teach a good lesson to pakis, and may those poor people get justice and all the wild, brute pakis may ruin completely.

  11. jharana says

    i am agreeing to Gaur M, bt declaring as Hindu state, i don’t find the rationality, …..i also know what Muslims have done really brute, beastly, barbarous… should we continue it more, again, generation after generation?? i saw, a movie, Road to Sangam”, i was really loved it, cried it in between…u may think it as my childishness, bt its fact.

  12. GAURAV says

    really sad to read this article, hindus in pakistan can never enjoy same benefits and other rights which muslims easily gets in our country.

  13. yash says

    U r talking about pakistan . In Northern India itself every day Muslims are converting 10 on a avreage hindu girls by hook or crook in to them . Then also we are silent

  14. raju says

    We all Hindus Must unite now and fight against Islamist.. wherever they are.. else in feature it is very difficult for us.. So be ready for big war against Islamist…

  15. bhopesh says

    now we should wake up and make more people aware about this. since from childhood we are given the slow poison of secularism. all hindus are brothers.

  16. Malika says

    I love how people are saying they want to do something…what can we do? Seriously, everyone’s talking about doing things but no one really does anything. If we want something to achieved, we must put forth rational arguments and solutions. Making India a Hindu country will not work. Let me tell you, soon various sects within Hinduism will start fighting with one another and the the North will say that the South is inferior to them and yadda yadda yadda. If Hindus want to do something, we must all get together to do something to promote harmony but also to ensure that our interests are protected. We’re all talking – what do we actually do though? Change must first start within India.

  17. says

    if hindus r not save in pakistani…govt of pakistan must address it …as pakistan belong to all hinuds right must be respected…its no use talking ,but action say it to paksitan …loud n clear..indian muslims r indian…its not work of them so let them live in peace just as u r he is just like u…human n in his country…

  18. chetan says

    Our bastard politcians wud never hav time to look at these kind of facts. They r just busy in taking care of their fast multiplying muslims whch r their vote banks. Indian politicians r so shameles that they wud readily submit their mothers to these heartless coward muslims in return to votes in elections. Such r our politicians who dnt care abt hindu ppl in india, forget abt hindu ppl in pakistan. India needs a strict hindu dictator. Thts whn vl b able to return a gud lesson (revenge) to all the bastard cowards.

  19. bhopesh says

    these murderous muslims has a origin from war they have never contibuted in development of mankind, they have only destroyed whatever is beautiful. they are the just like the cancer virus to world. whereever they go they creates a problem no matter wheather it is indiaor russia or gemany or america.muslims and peace cant stay at same time. these hateful indian muslims were hindus once. now they are becoming danger to our people. they are intentionally making affairs with hindu girls & taking advantage of them.secularism is word only for hindus only. this is not for muslims. so i request you all to spread this news maximum numbers of peoples you can.

  20. BoomShankar says

    To React is Manliness. But the SPINELESS Hindus have stopped to be Man from past 1000 years.

  21. Malika says

    BoomShankar, the reason why we don’t fight is because our religion tells us to be peaceful. Unfortunately, your religion promotes hate and violence towards everyone. It’s too bad – there’s a reason why the end of the world is predicted to be this year. Nostradamus said that once Islam begins to rise, the world will end…

  22. Mukund says

    I really think tht its the time for every muslim to think ? Muslims can nt respect other religion. And in case of pakistan i will say tht ” har kutta apni gali me sher hota hai” but thnks to our beloved congress govt muslims are safe in india and nt hindus.

  23. Rahul Gupta says

    This is nothing.This is just a fraction of what they did to Hindus.Do you know that during 1971 india-pakistan war 4 lack hindu women were raped for six months.In Bangladesh of all rapes committed 98% are against Hindu women.Please search in google “persecution of Hindus”,”Hinduism in Pakistan”,”Hinduism in Bangadesh”,”1971 “india-pakistan war”.
    Just saing things won’t help.If you really want to change something than contact me at

  24. Nace says

    It is sad, and sadder to see Indian Govt. completely inactive and does not care.

    Why should they ? Sonia madam is neither Hindu nor she cares for Hindu women !!!

    Moreover, she and her govt. and ministers are more engrossed for other important work like coal gate, 2G, CWG etc which are more rewarding than the decency and modesty of some poor Hindu Women !!!!

    Had this had happened to to their vote bank of muslim women in India, they would have shown their “Tandav Dance” by this time !!!

    SHAME to the country and its countrymen consisting of 80+ Hindu percentage for remaining completely ignorant and careless for the dreadful living “Hindu men and Women” in Pakistam !!!!

  25. Anynomous says

    I found reason to stop thinking of converting to muslim after thinking for so many years… …

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