The Difference Between Monotheism and Polytheism?

polytheism is the nature of the world

By Ajay Nemade Most intellectuals refer Hinduism as Polytheism and not monotheism. But do most of them know the difference between monotheism and polytheism. What is the difference between Monotheism and Polytheism? Suppose Electricity is God which is unseen and formless. Electricity runs through bulb, tube, fan, air conditioner, computer etc. One monotheist says bulb is […]

Dharma and Religion – A Rejoinder

What is our Religion

By Karthik Vaidhinathan (CHAKRA) Thank you all for your appreciation and valuable comments regarding my previous write-up What is our “Religion” ? What is “Dharma” ?  There were a few objections raised and a few questions posed, and I will attempt to answer them from my perspective through the current write-up. Objection 1 – I am defining […]

What is our “Religion” ? What is “Dharma” ?

What is our Religion

By Karthik Vaidhinathan (CHAKRA) I would like to discuss briefly my ideas on the English terms like religion, faith and culture and Indic terms like dharma, sanatana dharma, vaidika dharma etc. and also touch upon what we should call ourselves. Different cultures have had different experiences which have conditioned them in different ways, and thus the categories […]

Hindu Spirituality Versus Monotheism

Hindu Spirituality

It is an intuition ingrained in the Hindu psyche to inhabit our entire environment – celestial, physical, vegetable, animal, and human – with innumerable Gods and Goddesses. Some of these divinities are installed in temples as icons, and worshipped with well-defined rituals. Some others are worshipped as and where they are invoked. Hindu shastras, saints […]

The Origins of Monothiesm in Hindu Dharma

Hinduism - OM

By Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup Hinduism – OM The dialogue which Raja Ram Mohun Roy had started in the third decade of the nineteenth century stopped abruptly with the passing away of Mahatma Gandhi in January 1948. The Hindu leadership or what passed for it in post-independence India was neither equipped for nor […]

Why are Hindus so Uncomfortable with Themselves?

Religious Pride is seen in many Communities

By Sucheta Rustagi New York, USA (CHAKRA) – This article will attempt to analyze why Hindus quite often do not feel comfortable speaking about their religion or identifying with aspects of it.  The average Muslim, Christian or Jew never has to even be asked about which faith they follow, rather they are upfront and open […]

Can giving too much freedom of religion increase oppression and segregation?

Many Mcdonalds and Burger King stores sell Halal meat

By Sameh Ghobrial Many Mcdonalds and Burger King stores sell Halal meat Living in Canada—a country where the Muslim population is rapidly growing, people that are not Muslim are forced to deal with Islamic based choices daily even though many may claim it does not affect them.             When driving through the streets of Toronto, you […]

Are “Hindu’s” Too Progressive Thinking?

A Hindu practicing Yoga

By Saraswati Rastogi Toronto, Canada (CHAKRA) – We as Canadians, take pride in the fact that we live in a democracy which supports individual rights.  That is one of the main reasons immigrants from all over the world come to North America—for the American dream, because the opportunity is endless.  People generally live by the […]

Why no Hindu or Buddhist representation?

Human Rights should be applied to all Religions including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism which are usually ignored

By Aseem Shukla Q:The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is recommending that the U.S. government develop a strategy to make religion ‘integral’ to American foreign policy. Should U.S. foreign policy get religion? There is little doubt that U.S. foreign policy apparatchiks have historically been deaf to religion as a driver of nationalism, foreign policy and […]