Interfaith Coalition Urges US Govt to Address Religious Persecution in Pakistan

International Religious Freedom - Pakistan Intolerance Against Religious Minorities

Ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the White House today, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) spearheaded a coalition letter on behalf of 28 non-governmental organizations, religious leaders, and human rights advocates to urge President Barack Obama to address religious freedom issues in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The letter’s signatories were part of […]

Dirty Toilet Cleaner Jobs Reserved ONLY for Pakistan’s Underprivileged Hindus, Sikhs & Christians

Pakistan Hospital says Toilet and Bathroom cleaners ONLY for Hindus Christians and Sikhs

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is well known for it’s strict laws towards non-Muslims such as it’s popular blasphemy law, which carries a death penalty to anyone who criticizes Islam. Many activists complain that the blasphemy law is just another mechanism for the majority Muslim population to oppress  and stoke fear in Pakistan’s religious minorities such as Hindus, […]

Support Hindu and Minority Human Rights in Bangladesh

Hindus and other non-muslim religious minorities in Muslim-Majority Bangladesh are constant targets of murder, riots and rape.

Support the human rights of Bangladeshi minorities by calling your Representative in support of Bangladesh’s Hindus. H. Res 396, introduced by Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), recognizes war crimes committed against Hindus during Bangladesh’s 1971 War of Liberation. H.Res. 396 also demands: The protection of Bangladesh’s Hindus and other minorities from ongoing violence Religious freedom and human rights […]

America’s Largest Hindu Rights Group Responds to Allegations Leveled by Islamist and Communist-Linked Groups

Hindus are constantly targeted (verbally and physically) by Islamists and Marxists worldwide

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) was made aware today that the internet portal calling itself the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), released a report to various media outlets ostensibly attacking HAF. More of a personal attack on certain leaders of HAF, the report repeats nearly decade old accusations that organizations now affiliating under the umbrella of […]

Over 1500 Hindu Temples & Homes Damaged by Muslim Mobs in Bangladesh During January to March of 2013

Lord Shiva in Haridwar

(CHAKRA) Extremist Muslim mobs  have attacked innocent Hindu temples, homes and shops of Hindus in four districts in Bangladesh. Since Jamaat leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee was handed down a death sentence for war crimes in February, dozens of hindu temples, houses and shops of non-muslim minorities across the country have been vandalized  torched and looted. Basudev […]

Muslims Torch and Loot 200 Hindu Homes in West Bengal (Images)

West Bengal has seen many hindu temples and homes destroyed by Islamic extremists over the years

By Sandhya Jain (Niti Central) Amidst a near-complete media blackout and distressing silence from statutory bodies like the National Human Rights Commission, a serious communal flare up has taken place in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, with more than 200 Hindu homes torched and looted in four villages — Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and […]

Pakistani Hindu Refugees Feel Fear 24 hours a Day

Pakistani Hindu Refugees

“There is fear 24 hours a day…Hindus see themselves as helpless,” recounted Chetan Ram, while describing life in Pakistan to the Hindu American Foundation’s Director & Senior Human Rights Fellow, Samir Kalra, Esq., at the Chopasni refugee camp in Jodhpur, India. Ram was part of a contingent of 204 Hindu refugees that fled Pakistan’s southern Sindh […]