Lord Shiva Diety infront of the Himalyan Mountains - image courtesy of Prabhu B Doss

How Spiritual Experience has Transcended Religious Belief in Yoga

Many North Americans and westerners are turning to practices that promote spiritual experience rather than religious beliefs. One such widely practiced phenomenon that contributes to this transition from religious belief to spiritual experience is the practice of Yoga. Amidst this transition there are also many who have taken on Yoga without any religious beliefs preceding […]

Exotic Art from the historic Hindu Khajuraho temple

Temple Art and Pornography – A Farcical Comparison

Hari? Om. I have noticed a growing trend in many, of finding sanction for their desires by forcibly (and quite superficially) imposing it upon old, imagined norms. The discussion on Khajuraho temples were raked up last year following the misdirected and misinformed ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign, and now once again with the current topic of […]