13-Year-Old Hindu Girl Abducted in Pakistan and Forcibly Converted to Islam

Hindus are constant targets of kidnappings, rapings and killings in Pakistan by Muslim Extremists

Hindus are constant targets of kidnappings, rapings and killings in Pakistan by Muslim Extremists

Karachi, Pakistan (CHAKRA) —In the town of Lyari in Pakistan, a 13-year-old Dalit girl, Poonam, has been abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.

According to Poonam’s uncle Bhanwroo she went missing last Wednesday and was not seen until neighbours spotted her at a Madrassa in the town and informed her parents. When her parents went to the Madrassa to bring her back, they said that she seemed very scared and was under the influence of the imams there.  She reportedly stated that they would not let her go and that she was ready to live at the Madrassa as a Muslim.

When the family turned to police for help, they immediately refused and stated it was not a big enough case to be officially registered. Poonam’s parents were told by the police that there was no point in lodging a complaint or report because as soon as the court proceedings would take place the report would become null and be cancelled.

Poonam’s parents are left hopeless and have no where or means to turn to by which they can get their beloved daughter back.  And their crime for such a punishment was nothing.

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  1. gyorgyj@yahoo.com says

    What did happen? A girl was forcefully converted to Islam and her parents simply cannot accept that this is the voice of allah. It also happens many time in the West as well. Noone can stop Allah’s plan: if He wants to guide someone, He guides him or her…

    The parents instead of being hysterical should rather consider to revert as well in order to reunite with Poonam who is already on the right path!

  2. Christopher says

    gyorgyj, if you truly believe what you are spouting, I have news for you: YOU ARE INSANE.
    The parents should match into that madrassa and DEMAND that their daughter be given back to them or they are going to come with ARMED FORCE to get her back.

  3. Dr. O. P. Sudrania says

    This gyorgyj loony seems to be bold enough to say it because he knows that the parents of a non-muslim ward has very little to get out of this quarrel. They will never be entertained by anybody. There are hardly any so called human rights for non-muslims in Muslim countries and that is what these Islamists sex maniacs want. You have seen here one lunatic responding. This is what makes Islam most abhorent cult where they claim human rights but you can not.
    Islam does not know compromise or tolerance, in stead they know to subjugate you and enslave you. Marrying in the teens is prescibed by their Prophet himself who had married his one wife at the age of six and consummated the marriage at nine years of her age but he was only 54 yrs (fifty four years).
    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  4. pat says

    This is what happens in Pakistan!..The nerve centre of global Terrorism..The Muslim bigot’s land, which they have got from Secular India…
    In the name of god they can abduct people, they can Kill people ….they can do anything…but in the name og GOD!..their almighty allah!!… what a pity…

    Now i feel no pity for the ppl dying in Pakistan in bomb blasts and through US Drone attacks every day… Since the ppl like @gyorgyj who can write at least in English is thinking like the above..Then jst think ab’t the mad religious lunatics in Governmnet, Army & the Judiciary….

  5. V. Asher says

    The above comments by this loony and brain-dead Islamist gyorgyj vividly illustrates how, sooner or later, the proliferation of such people in the Muslim world would become the primary reason for self-destruction of Islam, following which, the awakened majority of the non-muslim (i.e., ‘Kafir’) world would come to see Islam as nothing but a dangerously violent political cult, far from ‘A Religion of Peace’, at least in practice.

  6. Dr. O. P. Sudrania says

    There is a law of “Nature” that a glowing flame sparkles brighter and grows taller soon or just before it dies. This law is applicable to everything that is “visible” in this world. Religion is not out of this reach of “Nature” either. No one can run away from the “Laws of Nature”. Anything and everything that is born is destined to die, whatever one may do. However high the bird may fly, it has to perch at last on a twig.

    Old age catches fast. The faster you run, sooner you get tired and have to stop. Whoever fails to understand or comply these hard facts of law of nature, pays severely for it. The “Human being” is made to think the way the few wisemen in society want him/her think and then manipulate the masses as their foot soldiers for exploitation.

    This world has seen so many cultures spring up and die. One only need to turn the pages of available history, right or wrong. But it does say some eye opening truths. Unfortunately we never learn from the history and repeat the same old mistake repeatedly.

    When I see some wild remarks of self praise on the net and blogs of “fastest growing religion” and so on, I just feel pity. Because these are the ignorant people unaware of the laws of Nature. Unfortunate. I only pray to “Their God” to give them some “intel” to understand their folly.

    They have even divided the “God” who is neither different nor a personal property of anyone. Just like the air we breath has no “God” or no separate “Hallmark” of a religion, caste, creed or nation and so on.
    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  7. Veronique says

    We have the right and responsibility to protect our children from these disgusting evil people. God gave us free will and no person has the right to take that away or to destroy what he created. I am not a believer in organised religion, but I know there will be some form of judgement, and all I ask is some ring side seats so I can watch the likes of gyorgyj condemned to the fires of hell along with other followers of Islam with its false prophet and pagan god.

  8. Nilesh says

    A wind is blowing, its getting growing into storm and then to be a tornado. Hindus and enlightened people can feel the a change is about to occur but already started.
    Evil in this world will be wiped out by this change and I truly believe that Islam is coming to and END.

  9. Nilesh says

    I pray for you little girl Poonam and remember your soul will always be pure and HINDU.

    They will not go unpunished.

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