2 Killed and Many Injured in Muslim riots during Ganesh festival in Madhya Pradesh

A typical Ganesh Idol installment during Ganesh Chaturthi

A typical Ganesh Idol installment during Ganesh Chaturthi

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh (CHAKRA) –  There were Hindu – Muslim riots on the issue of installation of Ganesh idol at Ujjain. Two persons were killed and many got injured during these riots. Curfew has been imposed in the jurisdiction of 9 police stations in the city.

The trouble began on Friday night in the Daulatgunj old town area of Ujjain after a Hindu shop-owner installed an idol of Ganesh at his store, which is adjacent to a mosque. Police said that some members of the Muslim community objected to it since the idol is un-Islamic and was near the Mosque where Muslims were praying. Although the idol was on the shopkeepers property, police urged the shopkeeper to shift the idol to another spot to calm the Muslim mob.

When discussions were going about place of installation, riots started. The Muslim group tried to move the idol and began to stone pelt Police and Hindus trying to install the Ganesh idol. Two persons have been killed and many injured during the riots.   The violent mob was caned and police opened tear gas shells to have control over them. The police, however, declared curfew when they failed to bring the situation under control. Additional police force has also been called from the neigbouring district to calm the Muslim extremist mob.

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  1. Edwin says

    When there are no infidels to kill, Muslims fracture into groups and kill each other. Just look at most majority Muslim countries for proof. If Islam ruled the world, the human race would devour itself into non-existence.

  2. Bill says

    Yes, the “religion” of body pieces is more a death cult and poltical, totalitarian ideology than it is anything spiritual. But how could anyone follow the dictates of a violent and sexually perverted psychopath? You have the question the mentality of anyone who would label this man a godly man? Of course, you cannot question anything about this ideology. You must submit. And if you don’t, you must die. Very sick people. Very sick ideology. It must be eradicated from the planet.

  3. taliesin says

    The entire Muslim world has been appeased far too often. They think that threatening every infidel alive will do the trick. So far its worked. Put up Ganesh and close down the mosque for commenting sedition. Let their do called holy rolling Imams spend a season or two in an Indian jail. They throughout their murderous history have had no qualms about killing I human being who comes their way. Time for the world to take the gloves.

  4. HTH says

    People and countries must unite for against it. They can easily embroil the countries and kill us one by one, using the principle – divide and conquer. We can not allow this. Christian (and Hindu too) countries do not have to look at each other as enemies but as friends and allies. A key role here to the U.S.. We can not allow the U.S. to bomb the any country as they did to Serbia.

  5. Yogi says

    There is no such thing as ‘Moderate Muslims’. Either they are muslims following orders of Quran or they are ‘infidels’. That’s the reason why muslims kill muslims while following Quran.

  6. Jason Kay says

    Yogi there are moderate muslims and they are the ones doing all the 9/11s and 26/11s at the moment so imagine when the real extremists come

  7. Ernest says

    Muslims demonstrating their peacefulness? Just like how they show tolerance towards other people all over the world through violence. Islam the Religion of Peace at its best.

    Just like how Muhammad showed his perfection with mass murderer of non-Muslims, raping women, pedophile and stealing from non-Muslims.

    They must be stopped!

  8. d. says

    Like I have said before….somebody should have drowned little mohammed when he was a few minute old……THE WORLD WOULD BE A HELLVA LOT BETTER OFF FOR DANM SURE.~!~!

  9. Srinivasan says

    When such incidents can happen in BJP ruled state, you can imagine what could be the condition of hindus staying in congress/sickular ruled states

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