Racial Abuse in UK Against Sikh Man with Turban

A typical Sikh Turban worn by men

UK (CHAKRA) — During an incident, involving racial abuse, at a bus stop in Southhampton, a Sikh man had his turban stolen. The 29-year-old man was waiting at a bus stop outside of the Civic Center when three Caucasian men approached him swearing and shouting racial remarks. The man turned away ignoring the trio but […]

Hundreds Attend Funeral of Possible Hate Crime Victim

65 year-old Surinder Singh and 78 year old Gurmej Atwal

Sacremento, California (CHAKRA)– After being shot to death, a Sikh man’s funeral had hundreds of attendees paying their respects. In the Sacramento area, a Sikh man was shot to death while talking an afternoon stroll. Surinder Singh, an innocent man, decided to take a walk one afternoon, not aware of the fact that this would […]

Sikh Bravery Depicted in “Sikhs at War” Documentary

Sikh Soldiers under the British in World War 1

By Jagmit Singh Sikh Soldiers under the British in World War 1 Amritsar, India (CHAKRA) — Sikhs, brave and clad in their complete Sikh appearance (Sikhi Saroop), were depicted in Jay Singh Sohal’s documentary “Sikhs at War” which was based in Birmingham and released on the Internet in late January. “Sikhs at War” depicts the […]

Pakistan Denies Visa to Sikh Pilgrims

Pakistani Sikhs

By Jagmit Singh Sikhs praying at the Golden Temple Islamabad, Pakistan (CHAKRA) – Pakistan recently denied that 300 Sikh pilgrims born in India were refused visas. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Malik Amad Khan, stated that he checked with the Interior Ministry and there were no reports of 300 Sikh pilgrims being denied […]

Sikh Temple in British Columbia Honours Canadian Soldiers

Canadian Forces in Afghanistan

Surrey, BC (CHAKRA) – Sikhs gathered on the weekend after Remembrance Day at Dasmesh Darbar Sikh Temple  in Surrey to honour the fallen soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces. This event was the first of its kind in a Sikh temple in British Columbia.  Publisher of The Post Group of newspapers, Harbinder Singh Sewak, organized […]

Sikhs Continue to Feel Unsafe in the Valley of Kashmir

Sikhs feel unsafe in Valley of Kashmir

By Jagmit Singh Sikhs feel unsafe in Valley of Kashmir Jammu, Kashmir (CHAKRA) —Sikhs are feeling continuously unsafe in the Valley of Kashmir.  A Sikh-based organization said there was a common consensus of members of the Sikh faith feeling unsafe in the area.  Their cars are being damaged in addition to girls and women feeling […]

Sikh Who Once Served in the Army and Police Denied Pension in Malaysia

Veteran Mukhtiar Singh with his longtime Wife

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CHAKRA) - A Sikh man who fought the Communist rebels in what was once called Malaya, has been denied pension on grounds of some technicalities in Malaysia. Mukhtiar Singh was a veteran fighter and ranked Captain thinks his years of service in the police and army with pride as well as disrespect. Pride existed from his […]

Sikhs Threatened to Embrace Islam or Leave Kashmir Valley

Sikhs are the largest religious minority in Kashmir

 By Jagmit Singh Sikhs are the largest religious minority in Kashmir Srinagar, India (CHAKRA) —In the Kashmir Valley, Sikhs have been recently told to pack up and leave if they do not embrace Islam and help to stand up for the local civilians.  The minority Sikh community of 60 000 in the area have been […]

Sikhs Have Mixed Feelings About South Carolina’s Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley

South Carolina, USA (CHAKRA) – Sikhs in South Carolina are unsure of what to make of their first possible minority and  woman governor, Nikki Haley who is a popular supporter of the tea party, movement and born to Sikh parents. South Carolina known for its Republican support, voted for a minority candidate making evident that […]

Sikhs in America Meet US Vice President

USA Vice President - Joe Biden

By Jagmit Singh USA Vice President – Joe Biden Washington, US (CHAKRA)—Groups of American Sikh leaders have turned to Biden to take up Sikh related issues with other countries. Since the 9/11 attacks Sikhs have been continuously targeted as followers of the Taliban and would like to make clear that they are in no way […]