Jain Community Loses Two Sadhvis in Car Accident

By: Arun Shanghvi

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 Limbdi, Gujarat (CHAKRA) – – Two Jain Sadhvis succumbed to their injuries after a speeding truck hit them close to Limbdi, on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway on Wednesday.The tragic accident took place while deceased, Nirjarabai Mahasatiji and Suvidhabai Mahasatiji (both from the Airamar Sthankwasi Jain sect of the Jain community), were walking on Sayla-Limadi road, near Vadod village.  Speeding driver, Anish Maqsud Pathan has been arrested by police from Por village in the district of Vadodara.

In addition to the two deceased, three other Sadhvis, identified as Vijabai Mahasatiji, Surajbai Mahasatiji, and Smruddhibai Mahasatiji, were injured and rushed to Sal hospital in Ahmedabad.  The condition of Vijabai and Suraj is serious and they have been admitted to the ICU ward of the hospital.  Smruddhibai is in the general ward, recovering.

Last November, four Jain Sadhvis were killed, on their way to Unjha town, where a speeding truck hit them.  Two Jain monks were also hit in the same month, after a Qualis car hit them on the highway.  These accidences caused numerous protests in the Jain community.

President of Saradharma Raksha Committee, Jasmin Shah said, “Recently, two Jain religious leaders were killed in road accidents in Rajasthan, but the police have not yet found out the persons responsible for it.  The state government should taken serious view of such incidents of accidents.”

The possibility of conspiracy was ruled out in this case according to Surendranagar Ashok Kumar.  He said, “Looking at the scene of the crime and other evidence, it cannot be said that there was a conspiracy.  However,  more details will be revealed only after we conduct an investigation.”

Both deceased Sadhvis belong to Kutch.  Nirjarbai Mahasatiji, 45 was known as Nirmalaben before taking diksha.  She hailed from Samakhyali and Suvidhabai Mahasatiji, 33 who was from Lakadia in Kutch.



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