The Origins of Yoga (Part 2) – Yoga Asana, the Ancient Hindu Legacy

vrikshasana at mahabalipuram

By Sarvesh K Tiwari You can read Origins of Yoga – PART 1 here We have seen in the previous part how the identity of pata~njali, about which Hindus have never had doubts, is maliciously obliterated by the western commentators of yoga. Having obfuscated yoga-sUtra and having reduced its author to obscurity, next our western scholars […]

The Origins of Yoga (Part 1)


By Sarvesh K Tiwari (CHAKRA) On Pata~njali And His Works || namaH bhagavate pata~njalaye || “…we know little about the yoga author Patanjali. We know of Patanjali the grammarian and have good reason to date him to the 2nd century BC. Apart from the name, we have no solid reason for assuming that he was […]