10 Amazing Scientific Inventions by Hindu Saints of Ancient India

Ancient Hindu Zero - Bindhu

The Ancient Vedic civilization now known as India has been a prominent center of learning since ancient times. The land was one of the most advanced regions in various fields of science.The Indian subcontinent was ruled by ancient Hindu civilization and was a major contributor to the world, excelling in fields of astronomy, numerology, arithmetic, […]

Negationism in Indian History: Its Lessons for the Arab Spring Dystopia

Hindu bodies from a 1950 massacre by Islamic extremists that left thousands of hindus dead in Bengal

Until his death in 2003, Bhishma Sahni was one of India’s most renowned Hindi language authors and playwrites. His 1974 controversial and popular novel ‘Tamas’ (Darkness) won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1975 and in 1987 was made into a television series for the national channel Doordarshan. Sahni wrote about the exodus of Hindus and […]

Was There an Islamic “Genocide” of Hindus?

Koenraad Elst

By Koenraad Elst “The Partition Holocaust”: the term is frequently used in Hindu pamphlets concerning Islam and the birth of its modern political embodiment in the Subcontinent, the state of Pakistan. Is such language warranted, or is it a ridicule-inviting exaggeration? To give an idea of the context of this question, we must note that the […]