Swami Ramdev’s fight against the ‘Mockery of a Democracy’

Swami Ramdev has declared a war against corruption in India

Swami Ramdev has declared a war against corruption in India

By Ranbir Singh

The brutal suppression of Swami Ramdev’s protests against corruption which reaches to the highest echelons of the Indian government should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of coming face to face with the country’s administrative and highly bureaucratic infrastructure. Graft, greed, black money, backhanders and dishonesty have become integral to the rusting steel frame of national civil administration. But what is perhaps most shocking is the silence.

Where are all the human rights voices who are always keen to support separatism in Kashmir and otherwise so very eager to expose the brutality of army and police when they crackdown on protests? Where are the western ‘liberal’ intellectuals who willingly act as sheep and android mouthpieces for the aforementioned Indian chattering class academics and activists? The only disturbing conclusions one can draw from this silence is that the leader of this anti-corruption drive is a revered Hindu holy man. Such a figure is an anathema to the Orwellian claustrophobia which strangulates all rational thinking when it comes to India political and social commentary.

In this Brave New World the unwritten rule is that Swami Ramdev must be wrong because he is an honoured figure within Hinduism. One need only compare to the kid glove treatment given to the Pakistani terrorists who arrived on that accursed December to inflict maximum casualties in Mumbai on specifically Hindu, Jewish and western human targets. Pleas continue to be heard for clemency and to understand the ‘context’ of why such people would want to commit genocide had they not been limited by numbers and killing machine technology. Yet with Swami Ramdev not one voice in favour but already rumblings of why Indian human rights activists and their duped western sheep either employ the self-censorship of gagging or slowly veer to subtle condemnation of him. It is in the latter that we learn the real reason why Swami Ramdev’s very important anti-corruption drive is being ignored or opposed. As one famous western news website put it, he is “openly backed by India ’s Hindu nationalist opposition”. That is basically the crux of it, and the reason for the double standards in reporting.

The Indian masses in their millions will have to rely on themselves for their “Arab spring” in order to get rid of an authoritarian ruling class who siphon off billions just as their parallel entities got so sued to doing in the Middle East . But while the people in the Middle East have been supported for their efforts to rid themselves of thieving kleptocracies, even when the radical religious element was never far from the forefront, in India the very idea that a Hindu religious figure can do the same is delegitimised simply because Baba Ramdev is Hindu and shows the relevance of Hinduism in all aspects of modern life, including tackling a system which effectively locks millions into poverty and dependence upon an inflexible crushing parasitic form of clientage which is the antithesis of democracy, liberalism and civic duties.

Ranbir Singh is a member of Hindu Human Rights (www.hinduhumanrights.info)

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  1. avatar singh says

    march, 2007

    –this unelectable (and three times defeated in democratic elections ) so called prime minieter manmohan singh is a blot on the face of democratic india. he is there aonbly because the anglosaxon powers wanted him there instead of sonia gandhi(who wouldnot have been that maelelable to english speaking world-master race as this stooge manmohan is). this manmohan singh has been very unpopular in democratic election losing even when there was a wave in favour of congress. he has not even let pujab select his d=congress pqarty for assembley election in 2007 so mucn unpol;ular he is. but he is very popular amnost the anglosaxon media and govert. therefore he is popular amonst the english media and all the angloamerican stooges theat you find in any thirld world aka allwi,Ahmed Chalabi(of iraqi traitor fame) mubarak types.

    manmohan singh is a yeltsin of india-very pouilar amonst enemies of india exactly because he has sold india cheap to thse amngloamericn interests.
    now the idito indian elites are pro=jecting this imbecile manmohan singh as some intelecutal -whoever heard of e=an economist as a scintist or intellectual espceaccilly the economist who foolws voddo ecnomy of chaicago school?
    even granted someone is educated what thse iditot elites of india are saying is that a geek with =zero personality and nil oratory power with no public fowwlloping should become a leader of 1.2billion people without being unecleted or despite losing elelction in genral elelctions. three times.

    ofcourse with no personality and a rote knowledge of chicago peudo-economics this imposter on indian poilctical scene is a cancer to the very name of democracy and decency.he is very very dishonet-he lies at he drop of hat (indo american nuyclear pact, indians defence procurements, agricultrual disaster inside india -which caters to 75% of indian population0.), this manamohsn singh has papuperized india and weakned the idnian defence forces.
    During the period from 1992 onwards the indian defence forces has weakened to one third of its ablity during this traitors helm at finance minsitry and primeministreship.
    this fellow has made indian air force virtually a camel air force.manmohan singh is responsible for tracherous indo nuclear pact and for dragging his feet over delay procumrent to indian air force jsut to please his real masters the angloamerican interests.

  2. avatar singh says

    n0othign to do with hindus-but the fact that he is not a foreing agent like unelelctable manmohan singh
    Manmohan is a facilitator of scamsters & fraudsters. That he personally does not indulge in corruption is immaterial since he learnt a lesson long ago that his foray into politics gained momentum through his quality of ‘strategic silence’ and as a corporate scam facilitator. As long as he runs along this narrow niche without opening his mouth too wide, he believes he is safe.

    Another factor is that he doesn’t feel he is accountable to the public of India. A key pointer to this is the number of press conference he has held in his 7 years of holding the job. Maybe 1 or 2 at max. He isn’t answerable to the Indian public. Compare this with the monthly press conferences by a Chidambaram or a Pranab. They too are corporate facilitators no doubt, but still feel answerable to the Indian public since they came through the electoral route. Laloo used to hold a media briefing every week. Manmohan is more in the autocratic mould of TSPA jernails. They just need to meet & make themselves accountable to visiting US politicians and generals.
    may 9th , 2007.

    “The global banking cartel, centered at the IMF, World Bank and Federal Reserve, have paid off politicians and dictators the world over — from Washington to Greece to Egypt. In country after country, they have looted national economies at the expense of local populations, consolidating wealth in unprecedented fashion – the top economic one-tenth of one percent is currently holding over $40 trillion in investible wealth, not counting an equally significant amount of wealth hidden in offshore accounts.MANBMNO9HAN SINGH IS THAT MAN SECONDED FROM WORLD BANK TO IMPERISH INDIA And sell idnia cheap to anglosaxon race.

    IMF imperial operations designed to extract wealth and suppress populations have been ongoing for decades”

    This ( rejected thrice by the public in general election) prime minister(installed at american behest) manmaohan singh is trying to enter parliament again through vack door-he filled nomination through assam with help of sonai gandhi congress(of whoioch he is not a leader or person of any singificance).
    such is the democracy we live in.
    i thought democracy meansd people electing the party and primeminister to be elected through that elelctable persons.
    but as for american definigitn of democracy like in stooge s in afggansitana nd iraq we have an americana tooge who doe snot need to boyther wabout indian opinion because he has not been s-chosen by the indian people for the post but isntalled by a foreing country to make idnia run for foreing.es nbenefit.
    and we are celebrating 150 yrs of what?
    return of the company and corporate again?(not called ast or west india company this time but same nevertheless)..

    the media now decries that the polling rate in india is rapdly going down that in india where the people have always been enthusiatic to vote. does it not occur to media that people are now refusing to rubber stamp the prime minsiter and is his cabinet when the people have already rejected such lots and still unelectable person gets chosen as prime minister(manmohan singh) or as foreign minister(jaswant singh) with no popular support but only because angloamerican agents in india want that to be. For several general elections the people have rejected the so called loiberalization and wasnhington consensus policy of govet. of india but each time new govt is elected the media astrats telling that economic and foreing policy msut not change even though people have overwhelmingly voted agasint that.
    media brings irraneous cause for defeat of incumbent govt liek communalism and all russbih but never mentions that people have thrwon that american dictated policy.
    tsuch is the genesisi of indian eelctorate disilluionment with voting -all due to corruption of media and jourtnalists along with the biusisness class of india(thse days traitor FICI is organising more conferences than the govt. of india for interministerial meetings!.

    How india is being treacherously enslaved by angloamerican agents likes of (unelectable and defeated in democratic election ) this pm manmohan singh and the english media inside india.

    a great misconception is that so caled liberalization and globalization was brought to india by this manmohan singh. In fact soon after victory in iraq war in febraury 1991 the bush no. first declared a new world order in which he explicitly said that he will open up the world for american business. In fact his trade seccratary immeditealy annomnuced that she will make sure that america open up the thighs of thrid world countries as a slwoly and surely to american business(true analogy to a rape)-that was given the name liberalization and globalization for which the british and americans had been working since 1986. What was left for america to do was install maleable stooges inside the thrirld world countries. escpeally those types who are unelctable and have no mass base of their own– in other words who are not elelctable democratically but installed from above through media and other manipulations.
    this manmohan singh in india fulffiled that criteria of being unliked and unelctable insignificant person who was willing to act on arder of his american masters -if they had asked him to turn communist he would have done that.it isa sad refletion on india that since 1986 we have has only weaklings as our prime minsiters and fincnace minsiters not to speak of non mentionable defence misnters who made sure that indians nuclear and missle programme got stuck at 1986.

  3. avatar singh says

    18/1/2007 -look how the hindustan times, times of india and indian express tried to change the issue of shilpa shetty ‘s abuse in british reality show into coverage for india’s so called racism of fair bride etc.why? because tyhse pa-pers have alyws been stooge =fo british interests-and now that britian is being exposed thse indian papers have shmelessly started blaming india for an indian to be bullied in britian! these elenglish ppaers have been expposed to be traitor to india.


    Indian anglophile class -especially indian english language media -is a race of Coolies and traitors.
    the same class of indians who are doing propaganda agasinty china today are the same people who forced rajiv gandhi in 1987 to make friendship with china(and recognise tibet as part of china) why-? because the usa had ben friend with china since 1984 and wanted india tobe friend too as opposed to russia.-therefore the indian parasite class foll=made the Indian foreign policy viz china not to suit india but to suit american interests-it is doing the same but in revere direction this time because their anglo-american masters want them to do so.the same indian elite class (for example the president of ranbaxy ,a sikh, chairman of FICCi at the time in 80s was vehemently opposing any6 defence increase of buying of defence equioments while asking dfor freidnship with r=china qas desired by usa ain 80s). the same FICCi is making propaganda agasint DRDo and(with 6% of defence budget) and indian scintisits saying it has not kept the develpopmnet of innovations and kept the 50 yurs old mig 21 not in shape!.) These same indian traitors want india to buy 40 yrs old arms (like junk f16 and f-18) from america knowing fully well that it comes with a heavy conditions unlike almost condition free and better arms(new mig-35) from russia.-but then thse elites are agents of angnlo american interests -so no surprise here-it is high time that thse elites are killed or kicked out of india-these are allwais(iraqi traitor) of india.• Russia is already supplying India with the Sukhoi-30MKI, an advanced “fourth generation” warplane that consistently defeats its Western counterparts, such as the frontline US fighters, the F-15C and F-16. Versions of the Su-30 are also being sold to China, Venezuela, and Malaysia.

    June 1998.

    Congratulations to pakistan also for having exploded atomic bomb like India rightly did!

    History is
    full of nations much poorer, improving themselves first by making themselves militarily victorious
    ,by fair or foul means,over much richer and superior civilizations. That is exactly how
    a race of pirate turned shopkeepers that is England and America made themselves rich.That is also why these pirate race of anglo-americans want to keep the ill gotten advantage by denying othersany means to get power or independence.That is the philosophy of nato.Who bothered about America before it stole Nuclear Technology from Germans? The other prominent makers of first atomic bomb were Italians and Hungarians,and thir country does not posses nuclear weaopn.From Americans who stole the technology did the british steal it.America also stole from the Germans Rocket and missiles technology.Now they want to make world astand still as it was in late ’91s through self drafted this pact and that pact.Now they want others not to have the same technology. In the same way the british stole Tea production technology , china making tech and what not from China.How much the british tea companies and british china making ones like royal daulton paying royalty to China?none!But they want others to pay for rubbish tech of ’60s retrospectivelly!! In fact even France is fed up with this cancerous anglo-american push to sell,indtead of much better Fernch food,rather rubbish tasteless food of anglo-saxons processed food industy which pushes for rotten and infected food like british beef. India should have sided with France and China to push for common interests.But India chose,under pressure from Anglophile english paper reading minority,to succumb to Low quality rubbish anglo-american products. And Pakistan
    understands this duplicity and is not afraid to disturb that cosy arrangement of these anglo-american shopkeepers.
    As for Bhutto saying that they will rather eat grass than not have bomb,
    they have full filled that ambition when their prime minister asked pakistanis to
    be prepared to even save in eating.Contrast that with response of Indian english knowing
    class and their agents as represented by Indian english papers whose only worry
    was that so called liberalization does not get stuck off.In fact Indian
    atomic arsenal is necessary so that a country like america(whose infra-structure
    know how and technology is much inferior to that of Germany,France and Italy) does not force
    India(as it has been doing for some time) to accept third grade tech, and rubbish so called consumer goods .And here there are these english papers in India who were urging andia to give quick and special rebates
    to americans

  4. says

    india taught non- violence to the world.india has around 120 crores of people and it is ruled by only about 500 people of parliament and few hundred higher official.. and around thousand MLA people in state assembly in india total…

    what can government do if people rise ……so there is no need for armed men to against governemnet. By dialogues and peaceful rallies. we can do anything by peaceful protests.
    governement is created by us only. so we have the rigth to do.
    so if governmnet attacks people ,how many people can be killed by governemnet ..its 120 crores..!!!!!
    government cannot be agianst people ..if it is true . migth be dissolved..
    No need of armed forces as said by RESPECTED RAM DEV .Vedas is for non-violence not for violence.wrond interpretation of hinduism.

    best we can created dust free thousand young peoples who teaches about anti corruption- and follows bramacharyya .we can form a group go to schools and start teaching the basics.we ,can create awareness against materialism.we cant enforce law directly to stop….

    we cant stop corruption because corruption roots from our socity itself..is we stopped giving dowry is it stopped? it is corruption…..!!!!!!!

    one side we accept corruption other side we figth it!!!! comedy ….we need a gropus to propanga from school itself.

  5. Kulbir Singh says

    Like Gaini Zail Singh for Blue Star operation, another Sikh Manmohan Singh has ashamed the whole Sikh community. He has been proved to be blot on the face of sikhism after owning the brutal social genocide on the sleeping women, children and men in Ramlila ground. Wearing face mask of economic wizard, he has demolished the very pedestal of democracy for which he vouched for.

  6. Kulbir Singh says

    Dooms day for our India is fast approaching If the corrupt system in the country is not changed, the day is not far of when we will find China as our ruler. China has already not only taken over our total manufacturing sector but started claiming part our land as their land. They have started building up their positions in Pak occupied Kashmir as well. Unfortunately, our leaders are engrossed in crushing the peaceful anshan demanding healthy changes in the governance. The basic purpose of all this is to cover up their scams. Citizens has been forced to forget the meaning of patriotism. Naturally tendency of terrorism will capture the main stage as happened in Punjab about two decade back.

  7. Venkat says

    This Laloo guy is an ISI agent. What he did as a railway minister to Godhra incident. Every one can imagine what he would have done to 26/11, if he were CM of Maharastra. He would have said it was conspiracy of RSS. He is now out of power. So doing any thing to please congress for securing a central minister using his 4 MPs. He never spoke a he single word about 2G or any other scam. If we don’t protest what he is doing to Anna Hazare, India will be doomed. So far Anna Hazare is most honest person. Indians must do to UPA what Tamils did to DMK. Don’t let the congress fool Indians. The congress elevated Baba to the equal level of Anna to fool us support him, because they knew they can discredit him directly and use that to indirectly discredit Anna also. Indian must not be fooled by this tactics to confuse the issue. Please didn’t forget, Anna was trusted by the people and Baba was not elevated by people but congress elevated Baba to divert our attention.

  8. Gurmit Singh says

    To Mr. Diwali Gupta:

    Indian people were indifferent, are in different and will remain indifferent. If they were not able to rise against 700,000 british from other country, how will they rise against the “kaley Angrez”?
    Sorry fella, you are day dreaming
    Indian people are simply coward..coward..coward..

  9. pk says

    satya ka majak banana aur desh drohiyo ka mahima mandan karna,kya yesa indian electronic media ajadi ke samay hota to kya desh 1947 me ajad ho pata?

  10. Kulbir Singh says

    Most regretfully I withdraw my above remarks regarding the hon’ble PM S. Manmohan Singh Ji. In a fit of anger I have written sort of rubbish and wish to apologies. In fact as it came out later , PM had hardly any role in this sorrowful episode of Ramlila ground.

  11. akey says

    Avtar Singh……thanks.What you speak if the truth and nothing but the truth. For that i thank you. When Indians realise that the British looted india and treated us in a way that the nazis treated the jews, when indians realise that the British looted india into poverty, with the biggest transfer of wealth in human HISTORY. When indians realise that over 30million HUMAN lives where murdered, killed, starved to death by the british, when Indians realise that the colonial education they recieve is repeating the ideology of the colonialists, when Indians realise that an education from the british is like a jew talking lessons from the nazis…THATS WHEN INDIA WILL AWAKEN..

    Adam Brooks says (Laws of Civilization and Decay, page 259-246): “Very soon after the battle of Plassey (fought in 1757) the Bengal plunder began to arrive in London and the effect appears to have been almost instantaneous. Probably since the world began no investment has yielded the profit reaped from the Indian plunder. The amount of treasure wrung from the conquered people and transferred from India to English banks between Plassey and Waterloo (fifty-seven years) has been variously estimated at from $2,500,000,000 to $5,000,000,000.” The methods of plunder and embezzlement by which every Briton in India enriched himself during the earlier history of the East India Company gradually passed away, but the drain did not pass away. The difference between the earlier day and the present is that India’s tribute to England is obtained by ‘indirect methods’ under forms of law. It was estimated by Mr. Hyndman some years ago that at least $175,000,000 is drained away every year from India without a cent’s return.


    now tell me WHY INDIA IS POOR? is it down to OUR ancestors, or it down to the PLUNDER OF INDIA BY CHRISTIANS……the same people that looted india, then WITH THAT WEALTH CREATED CONGRESS, THE COLONIAL EDUCATION AND THE CIVIL SOCEITY………the TRINITY

    we must start to BRAND CONGRESS AS COLONIAL CONGRESS..we must start to brand indian education as colonially repressed education ITS ONLY IN THIS MANNER WILL THE MESSAGE TO GET AVERAGE JOE..

    TODAY IN THE NEWS 27/09/11

    British shipwreck with a fortune in silver on board discovered in Atlantic
    The wreck of a British cargo ship containing silver worth £155 million, sunk by a German U-boat during the Second World War, has been discovered on the Atlantic sea bed.

    Expert underwater archaeologists will attempt to salvage the treasure, handing 20 per cent of its value to the British Government.
    The SS Gairsoppa set sail from India in December 1940 carrying a consignment of 240 tonnes of silver, iron and tea.

    CAN anyone tell me why the Indian governemnt is not CLAIMING THIS WEALTH??? ill tell you why, cos the british ideology that was set in place in congress, and the colonial education allows this CORRUPTION TO CONTINUE….The british never left they morphed into congress

    On a happier note, their has not been a time in the last 600YEARS of OUR HISTORY, through the islamic and christian invasions of our motherland, that THIS CURRENT GENERATION OF INDIANS, are now begininng to realise the TRUTH, they have access to information that the last 6 generation NEVER HAD…..

    now this brings chage….AND AGAIN AVATAR SINGH…..you give me hope.

    Truth saves every single person of dharma.

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