Sathya Sai Controversies and the Art of Guru Bashing

Spiritual Guru - Sathya Sai Baba

Spiritual Guru - Sathya Sai Baba

It is not uncommon now that for many Gurus, Rishis or Seers who have emerged from India, there has always been an unprecedented number of vicious attacks launched on them. These have come in the guise of slander, misquotes, false allegations and myriad smear campaigns.

Moreover it is interesting to note that most of these attackers often turn out to be either individuals who have been suffering from dysfunctional complexes or personality disorders, or pseudo spiritualists, fundamentalists and Christian missionaries working at religions conversion of Hindus, or self-appointed- rationalist experts with highly opinionated, insular theories or dishonest television reporters and interviewers sensationalizing and tarnishing the image of Hinduism and Hindu Gurus, keeping with the trend of unprofessional, ignorant reporting and the highly biased- ‘paid news syndrome’.

No doubt there have been many isolated cases in history where certain imposters and charlatans have deceived people parading in the garb of self-realized yogis. However to use such cases to generalize on all Hindu gurus is akin to defaming all doctors and the whole medical profession for the malpractices of a few. Such an attitude thus does not only reek of flawed human reasoning but also exposes an irrational bias towards Hinduism as a whole and a long- standing socio- political agenda of a malicious nature and intent to debase India’s sacred culture and tradition.

Let us start with the historical case of Swami Vivekananda the great philosopher & teacher. When Vivekananda went to Chicago in 1893 to speak at the parliament of the world’s religions, he was ridiculed by members of other faiths. This was not because of what he said, but because of everyone’s lack of knowledge of Hinduism and their preconceptions of a faith based in mythology with worshiping of animals and nature. After this there were many attempts to defame Vivekananda by the church during his maiden US voyage because of his mass appeal, displaying that the anti-Hindu guru stance was taken by many over 100 years ago. This approach was also accepted by many and not challenged.

Let us also take the current case with Sathya Sai Baba. Many have heard of him as the guru or Avatar who had performed untold miracles from childhood. Indeed we would find millions who have seen or benefited from his miracles throughout the world. Yet there has been a constant sinister smear campaign to malign his name and mission in the media.

Over 90% of anti Sai allegations can be attributed to Tal Brook (Robert Taliaferro Brooke), who was often seen at Sai Baba’s ashram in the 1970s. He proclaimed he was Sai Baba’s number one western follower. He started the sexual allegations campaign, which initiated from him talking to an unidentified man Surya Das who was told by another unidentified man ‘Patrick’ who had apparently had physical relations with Sai Baba. No one else has met these individuals.

Why did Tal Brooke go to India? He stated that spirit guides, and belief in “psychic stuff” brought him to India and to Sai Baba. Why did he suddenly stop his pro Sai Baba work whilst at the Ashram titled “The Amazing Advent”? Which incidentally Sai Baba refused to bless. Why did he leave the ashram & circulate his anti Sai Baba rumours soon afterwards? Because he stated he had demonic encounters, hearing voices of spirits, out of body experiences, but acknowledged that Sai Baba had Christ like powers that baffled top scientists.

In 1976 Tal Brook published an anti Sai book titled “Lord of the Air”*. In the book and in subsequent years he has attacked Sai Baba & Hinduism, suggesting that enlightenment is an evil path to Satan and that God-Men and Gurus are in a state of perfect demonic possession. He believes that Sai Baba embodies a “timeless, demonic presence”. What does this say about the integrity and objectivity of his claims against Sai Baba? What is also missing is the story of his constant high usage of drugs while at university & India, and his drug induced hallucinations of being self-realized. Other Americans recognised him as a fanatic Christian at the ashram, which is contrary to his claim of becoming a Christian post Sai Baba. He was a member of the Neo-American Church founded by Arthur Kleps (a follower of LSD guru Timothy Leary). Kleps was alleged to be anti-Semitic by the Dutch police who expelled him from Holland. Tal Brooke has denounced Hollywood as being anti Christ, and his smear campaign has lasted 30 years with multiple books and now with expensive internet ad campaigns.

Tal Brooke’s rumours and books led to many copy cat accusers, most of whom who had had a dubious past, but not once has there been any proof. The recent most famous example is of Alaya Rahm who in the 1990s as a young man said he had sexual encounters with Sai Baba. The western media jumped on this, and even the BBC produced a programme which effectively made Sai Baba appear guilty. However Alaya Rahm (and others) had many opportunities to file a police or court case anywhere in India, but this has never occurred.

A lawsuit was created in the Superior Court of California on January 6, 2005 (Case No. 05cc01931). But realizing that the exposure was high Rahm eventually refused to go to court. No other alleged victim came forward to testify in support of his allegations, though anti-Sai activists claimed there were many alleged US victims. Many Hindus themselves have often blindly joined the anti sai crusade with enthusiasm without cross checking for factual evidence,which has often lead to more people accepting these false accusations..

Reporter of the The Pioneer, Sandhya Jain, wrote in 2009 that “As usual, when false accusations are made against Hindu gurus, a high-decibel media campaign begins. But when the innocence of the accused is established, the cacophony melts into stoic silence… No alleged victim ever filed a police or court case against Baba in India for alleged improprieties, though former devotees kept chanting that ‘hundreds’, indeed ‘‘thousands’’ of ‘‘minors’’, ‘‘children’’ and ‘male youth’ were molested by Sathya Sai Baba. Who inspired these venomous former devotees to launch investigations into vile rumours? Devotees say the ‘Anti-Sai Movement’ is an extremist hate group which habitually makes wild allegations, including the laughable claim that the Baba is allied with terrorists!…The truth is that neither Sai Baba nor any organization associated with him has ever been charged or implicated for sexual abuse, either directly or indirectly, and that reputable media agencies and independent journalists have not been able to confirm a single instance of sexual abuse linked to Sai Baba or his organizations.”

Moreover, recently in 2007 the same Alaya Rahm was trying to provide an alibi for a drug dealer friend, however despite his alibi his friend got convicted for thirty years, in return throwing light on Alaya Rahm’s dubious and questionable character.

There have also been years of many unfounded and vicious attacks on Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Yogananada, Mata Amritanandamayi, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, etc. indicating that when anti-Hindu Guru statements are made, everyone naturally takes notice but the media and academia more often than not, instead of conducting an unbiased probe and investigation, rather thrive on further distorting and tarnishing the name of such revered gurus.

On an international stage, Hindus have never done enough research themselves that would throw light on the nature of these malicious anti-hindu guru campaigns. Worse, when the allegations have proven to be incorrect, they have not been able to use that opportunity to publicize that nationally or internationally.

However, now, apart from the Sathya Sai trust, many other individuals and organizations have slowly been waking up to these anti-Hindu movements and agitations and have begun to contemplate taking legal action against media, reporters, editors, and others for defamation, perjury, slander and violation of their indigenous culture and religion.

*For further expose on the Anti Sai Movement*


By Raj Sharma

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  1. Sat Chidananda says

    Thank you Raj for the nice article. We need this kind of articles in internet to fight against Anti-Sai people and many misled ones.
    Jai Sai Ram!

  2. says

    Dear Raj,

    There is no need to clarify the innocence of certain people. Time is bigger than any religion and I am certain revered souls transcend time. You will find that whether or not a person is good or bad, he / she will be maligned whenever light is drawn on them. This is the nature of light. Every light has to be accompanied by a darkness. That is nature.

    Baba is divine phenomenon. Those who have felt his presence know it. and that is all that matters the most.

    I was very little when I read and remembered often what baba had to say ” if you don’t like some thing or some people, stay away”.

    Peace, Peace and Peace prevail on this universe.

  3. Honeybee says

    Thank you Raj! May all prejudice, doubts, misconceptions fade away! May Guru bashing be replaced by acceptance and a larger vision.This is the time for change, time for all of us to voice our faith and conviction. May wisdom prevail.

  4. Carter Jain says

    Namaste Raj,
    Thank you for a well written and positive article defending Sai and the other Anti-Hindu scum-bags – will need to get these facts out to as many media outlets and jorno’s as possible.
    Well done again
    Sai Ram

  5. Raghavan says

    The only thing that shines forth through all these attacks is the accepting nature of Hindu Dharma. A lot of people that write against Hindu gurus are sadly – Hindus themselves. One will never see them mention a Christian/Muslim religious leader or their faults. They will never mention the sexual abuse that the Church has been reeling from. They won’t comment about forced conversion or about why a mainstream religion has been hijacked by fanatics who commit terrorist attacks the world over. Such pseudo-secularists are just cowards that hide behind the accepting nature of Hindus to bash Hinduism and its Gurus. However Truth will always prevail.

  6. SB says

    Though I appreciate the philanthorpic activities done by Sai Baba and his trust, How can we know if the allegations against Sai Baba are true or not, if nobody has dared to initiate any investigations?

    Who told you that Sai Baba is only a Hindu guru? Haven’t you seen his trust’s logo? He embodies all religions.

  7. L.R.Rana says

    The sole purpose of such a mentally ill persons are to defame Hindu Saints/Personalities.Whereas they can be seen on the feet of Muslim and Cristian Saints. But their efforts will not socced in case of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

  8. Basanth says

    Many have asked in thier comments – How do we know if its true or not unless investigated? – I would say on behalf of the Gurus – the standard rules of the world apply – Not guilty until proven!

  9. Arjun says

    Mr SB, we already know you’re one of the very people mentioned in the above article because the link to undercover what the truth is at the end the article which you conveniently ignored.Which category do you fall in ? suffering from dysfunctional complexes or personality disorders, or pseudo spiritualists, or Christian missionaries or all ?

  10. says

    On the other side we should never underestimate the threat of Islam. It is now more dangerous than it was 14 centuries ago. No country and no culture is immune from it. Please check and let others also aware about this threat in

  11. Rachel says

    Sai Baba has done what even the Government can not do.
    Good article.
    Highlights how all these anti-sai people are all tapped in the head – yet blind people just follow ‘them’ like sheep and believe all the bad things – when truly speaking sai baba on his own has accomplished such feats like supplying FREE WATER/HOSPITAL/EDUCATION to MILLIONS of people without any charge or need for advertisements.

  12. Adarsh S Prasad says

    Firstly – we as genuine seekers; lovers of God; Love of Truth and Lovers of Goodness NEED TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT – against darkness within ourselves and and also be ready with all th ammunition of transformative SAI power to battle those “Pravrittis” ( tendencies towards darkness;objectification; lust; greed; fear based thinking; self importance; jealousy; delusion and pride); for some inadvertent reason (which ONLY the Lord knows) this world-itsdrama-and all the actors on this stage have come with various hues and colours – and all the more we need to gain the strength-focus-and SAI’s grace to not only counter these baseless profit and rumour mongering forces but also have vast store houses of energy to do ++ ve in the world (Swami was too building transforming insitutions of love and creating experiences of Lovingness) – as Swami – always said- irrespective of what people said or didnt he was always Blissfull! . There is a saying in the kings english and paraphrased goes like this “if only the Good had the determination of the Bad” so lets all we brothers and sisters in Light – rally our energies; our personal “vajra sankalpaas” (indomitable will) and sound the clarion call for SATHYA-DHARMA-SHANTHI-PREMA and AHIMSHA and be the torch bearers of SAI; till our beloved Prem Sai Baba takes the mantle again.
    OM Tat Sat and Om Sai Ram and may all beings of all worlds SHINE and live happilly!!!

  13. Dhananjay Kudalkar says

    As I see, these are all expressions of devout Sai’s passionate followers. I’m a staunch Hindu and believe in divinity of Gurus. That Sai had such great following in numbers and quality of personalities, what compelled such a Guru to impress people with visually impacting “acts”. And what acts…taking out branded watches and gully-made-gold-ornaments, all those always from his hands (I see an exception of something brought out from mouth). I felt disillusioned and bad for India and Hinduism. My question is simple. He was so great and why he resorted to such “acts”

  14. Arjun says

    “I felt disillusioned and bad for India and Hinduism. My question is simple. He was so great and why he resorted to such “acts””

    Well it seems to you dont really understand anything..There are not mere acts but signs if divine intervention.Theres thousands of cases of babas healings bring backing people from terminal cancer and other incurable diseases, Hes helped people in sorts of problems..also quoted from another Chakra news article ‘His charitable organizations and networks have established super-speciality hospitals with state-of-the-art technology that provide all services, including open-heart surgeries for free. These hospitals have been a boon and refuge to lakhs of people from over 500 villages and poverty stricken areas in India. Baba’s social welfare programmes have constantly worked at providing free quality medical care to all. He has also established schools providing comprehensive education from kindergarten to post-graduate level, with all tuition made available for free. Every year these schools yield the finest graduates of India who excel not only in superior academic intelligence but are grounded in strong values of self-discipline, integrity and spiritual wisdom. There are also many Sathya Sai Baba schools operating in other countries and over five hundred schools in the world utilizing Baba’s ‘Education in Human Values’ curriculum.’

    So u want christian missionaries to come in instead ? Try to find out what is behind hes miracles and how he changed millions of people to do good before jumping to negative conclusions

  15. says

    I wish to congratulate the author for writing a ‘to-the-point’ article.
    Also thank you for helping bring awareness amogst people including those, who consider themselves Indians but often are victims of (and participate in) anti-India campaigns.

  16. Arjun says

    I challenge all Rationalists to 2 challenges .1, perform the same magic tricks you accuse Sai Baba of doing and then get Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavasker then to come around your house and touch your feet and worship you for one week..2nd Challenge without using the internet or other means of communication get a million people to visit you…U do that u get half a million pounds if can do so..

  17. Carter Jain says

    @ Arjun… could challenge – alas none of this scum is ever going to take you up on it as they all know deep down that they are lying worthless toe rags – but lets see if any of em can muster enough courage to come and do this.

  18. nimitta says

    Watch the BBC documentary Swam’The Secret i’, created by crack journalists and re-aired by the CBC.

    If you’re a follower of Sathya Sai Baba, I wish you well. May you be happy, peaceful, free of suffering, and liberated by the truth of things as they are!

  19. Arjun says

    Nimitta seen it plenty of times and the very person made the false accusation is the guy ‘Alaya Rahm’ who withdrew his case when he knew he was going to get caught out for lying is mentioned in this article.It looks like the BBC and other networks who keep on repeating this programme are opening up for legal action

  20. Mark says

    Unfortunately whenever one reads about Sai Baba in the news the allegations come up against Him that sully His name.

    These allegations are sadly impossible to prove untrue – how clever were the people against Him who were made up of atheists, fundamentalists, the jealous and those who did not get what they wanted from Him.

    I would like to state these facts – which ARE proven.

    1. One of the chief anti people, a British man called David Bailey, who famously turned against Sai Baba made claims of a sexual nature at the same time as he was disallowed from being in the vicinity of children by the British police.

    2. In the famous BBC film Secret Swami which turned many away from believing in Sai Baba, the chief and star accuser was Alaya Rahm (a self confessed daily drug user). Later he brought a case against Sai Baba in the US courts claiming sexual molestation. The judge threw it out in the first day and told him he was not allowed to bring such a case again. The court document is available on the net, with other background info.

    Of course, the anti people had said there were many others who would testify as well – none came forward.

    Actually the BBC film makers, Tanya Datta and her team, have been researched by Sai followers and found to have links with the long standing rationalist anti-Sai movement. I think it is ok to be opposed to Sai Baba – i respect that – but not to make a BBC film proposing to be a balanced portrayal. It is like a so-called impartial documentary on the conservative party secretly made by Labour!

    When one goes into the research done by Sai followers into the anti-Sai people (see the links above) it is actually shocking how their tactics are full of lies and propaganda. OK, maybe that’s fine in politics, but against someone who stood and worked for the uplift of millions especially the poor in society, it’s shameful.

    3. Personally in my 20 years associating with Sai followers, and 10 living in the ashram, i HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE who was unhappy with Sai Baba. i have met a few who did not think He was anyone special…but only a small few.
    Everyone else spoke of life transformations, healings inc cancer, depressions lifted, and the love, joy and happiness they felt from being a follower of Sai Baba. And the incredible experience of having a group or personal interview with Him.
    All over the world in over 100 countries, people come together every week to study His teachings to become better, happier and more confident people – and they do social service work as well.

    4. Another fact is what my friend Visvanathan told me concerning the early days of his orphanage when a lady was helping them. After 2-3 months she started to become quite difficult. Suddenly she told them she had seen what she needed, was leaving and going back to her church. She had been a plant and a spy! If that was the opposition faced by such a small undertaking, imagine what Sai Baba has had to face. I believe this explains a lot.
    He also said that an average town in India is riven with hatred between the Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

    5. The facts about Sai Baba’s social service projects are UNPRECEDENTED IN THEIR SCOPE, all happening in the life of the One who inspired and organised them.

    To scratch the surface:

    10 Million people (!) are drinking clean water today in India because of His wish to help them.

    Hundreds of thousands of poor people have had free primary and specialist health care, high tech and expensive operations over the last 20 years.

    Thousands of children have been given free education, where the building of character was prioritised.

    Every week thousands of people round the world get together to perform social work.

    These are some facts as listed above.
    I am not associated with someone who performed what the allegations purport. Indeed even the BBC say no charges were brought and none have been proven.


    Have you ever been followed around by someone who thought you were great? Nope, nor me. Well Sai Baba was by millions – there must have been a reason don’t you think.

    With best wishes

  21. Sucheta says

    Thanks to the international and Indian media –
    Hindu Swamis and Gurus are guilty as soon as they are charged .. and even if they are proven not guilty which most of them are, but Priests and Popes have gone scratch free even with decades of proof of sexual abuse of their own ‘flock’ worldwide.

    Excellent expose of the double standards of the media by Raj Shama.
    Satyameva jayte !

  22. Ramanathan.E says

    Thank you Mr. Raj. Keep writing. I also went through Narayanan’s article. It is nice and pertinent. Thank you Mr. Narayanan.

  23. David Wolff says

    To Mark:

    Sai Ram, it is your friend and foot doctor from the US. Thank you for writing so eloquently and properly about Swami. Hope you are well, please contact me if you like.

  24. Sai Dav says

    When Rama was here adored by many hate by some, Krishna too. Jesus was crucified, Mohammed mistreated, Gurun Nanak imprisoned, Guru Tegh Bhadur beheaded, Shirdi Sai and Sathya more so maligned to the extreme Kaliyug existance as expected.
    BABA did say many will leave.
    None reported the raising of the dead, multiplying food, appearing several different countries at same time, curimg of Aids, cancer, disability, blindness, curing the weak, wiping away 1000 tears but MORE IMPORTANTLY than all these miracles THE LOVE HE IS.
    “Nothing happens without my Will” SWAMI says. we have to Trust these words. Those who defame HIM is also HIS will, and those who came to HIS CHARAN was also HIS will.


  25. Jack says

    Sai Dav you shouldnt put mohammed in the same league as a great soul as Sathya Sai Baba.Mohammed killed and was responsible for killing many hundreds of thousands of people.Moahmmed killed so many pagan Arabs who were like Hindus..U should check your history or otherwise you will also be saying sometime in the future just like hitler was mistreated so was Sai Baba

  26. Sai Dav says


    in SIkhism the 10 th GURU GOBIND SINGH also did war and killed muslims who were doing atrosities around in india.
    SHIVA Destroys justly so did KRISHNA nad RAMA,

    BABA said Prohet MOHAMEED achieved enlightenment at age of 62 or so and new who GOD is so please dont forget MOSES killed Romans soldiers in the parting of the Red Sea.

    Are these butchers.

    No please remember SWAMI showed great respect to PROHET MOHAMMED.

    You too should.


  27. Jack says

    Sai Dav

    Swami’s ways are mysterious and sometimes can be seen as contradictory.Swami talks about love to all humanity.And theres millions of quotes to back that but did he tell all those indian generals and soldiers that they should put their guns down and give flowers to enemy ? Not even once but instead told them to fight to the death.Now to someone that may look like a contradiction but in the bigger picture of things its not.So what if he praised mohammed but everything swami taught was totally in opposite to what mohammed taught .And in the current indian environment if you dont keep to india’s pseudo secular traditions then the state will turn against you.Swami always said pursue the truth and the truth in Islams case is that mohammed was a mass murderer and was married to a 6 year old girl at aged 56 ect.This is all there in the hadiths and the justifications for violence are in the koran.So you hide away from the facts..Check the history of islam then you can find out for yourself.Good site for more facts

  28. Jack says

    Sai Dav , Guru Gobind Singh fought back like many other Hindus to protect themselves from muslim atrocities done against them by muslims who themselves were inspired by the koran and mohammed.So dont use the examples to justify islam when you dont even know the factual history but are justifying islams atrocities against millions of innocent people .

  29. Sai Dav says


    Baba’s words are truth for me, not any humans, or religious books which were still interpereted by humans though be it SAGES for Vedas.


    What part of this did you not understand BABA’s message.

    Also if Mohammed was enlightened about 60 years + HE WAS ONE WITH BABA, what issues do you have with it
    GOD can make a King into a pauper and visa versa. A killer into a SAINT nay GOD.
    Pray to SWAMI for you guidance based on LOVE and not ignorance hate or prejudice


  30. Jack says

    Sai dav u dont seem to understand babas teachings and in what context he taught them.Ask any muslim if he agrees with what u are saying..Of course hes going to say respect religions and holymen because hes above all that but then theres also room for u to think for yourself and your own common sense in the environment around u .U tell me why didn’t he tell all his followers who indian army generals/soldiers, indian navy captains and air force pilots to give up their weapons and give flowers and give love to the enemy instead ?

    In 2008 baba said himself there will be only one religion which will dominate the world and that is Hinduism .So why is saying that ? he can easily keep all other religions alive if they worked together which they dont .U cant just become blind to the truth which u seem to do be doing and using baba for it

  31. Sai Dav says


  32. Sai Dav says

    BABA’s Own Words on ISLAM and THE PROPHET

    Anyone who has other opinions disagrees directly with SWAMI WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING TRUTHFULLY

    Sai Baba and Islam
    Prof. Zeba Bashiruddin

    “I have come not to disturb any faith but to reaffirm each one’s belief, so that a Muslim may become a better Muslim …” After reading these assuring words of Baba, who would like to proclaim that mankind is lost? The Covenant, for me, strikes a double cord. It reminds me of an ancient promise of the Gita and the Quran that God guides mankind from darkness to light. Also, it brings home the truth that in order to improve, one has to seek within one’s self.

    At Baba’s Feet I have learnt many facts of my own faith. For instance, when the cobwebs of cliches and external impositions are removed, one realises that all search for the same meaning in life, all seek happiness that is unchanging. Only one has to change the focus of one’s priorities. This change of focus happened to me several years ago with Baba’s injunction: “You don’t even know your own religion, how can you know Me?”

    That has been the beginning of an inward journey. Baba has always assumed a presence that remains with me – the “I” in me. The meanings of several words and concepts have appeared in a new light in the process of growth; for example, surrender, ideal and the goal of life acquire a different dimension.


    The term surrender is the literal meaning of the word ‘Islam’. Dissolution of “otherness” from cosmic force is surrender. It signifies giving up the illusion that man is merely a physical body. Is this not what Baba has been repeatedly telling us? When the awareness is uprooted from the temporary and the transient values and planted in the soil of the eternal, the process of surrender is completed. In Baba’s words it is ALLAH. Phonetically ‘A’ is Atma and ‘L’ is LAYA. Hence Allah is a state of awareness where “otherness” merges into Atma.

    Surrender also means, according to Baba and the Sufis, we seek Allah without a desire for reward or fear of punishment. Baba has indicated how you become a devotee………when you surrender yourself completely and are ready to carry out every command of the Lord.” (Gita Discourse Page: 12) The devotee concretises this ideal and his life becomes a pattern for the community to follow. In Islam this ideal devotee of the Lord is presented in the character of Prophet Mohammed.


    It is said that the character of the Prophet of Islam has been the Quran. In other words the message in the book of Wisdom has been practised by the messenger. Humility, according to Baba, is an outstanding quality of man. The Prophet, it is pointed out, “never has claimed for himself any leadership except rendering truthfully whatever Allah has ordained.” The Quran is also full of examples of the Prophet’s love of Allah. Baba has often related how the Prophet desired to spend the last moments of his life remembering God instead of advising his disciples.

    Baba also corrected a Muslim devotee who referred to the Prophet having eleven wives. Baba said, “No, he had only one wife – his love of Allah.” Thus, in Islam, while a simple and honest life is marked out for an ideal man, the core of existence is always the love of the Divine. See ONE, say ONE, (Shabistari: The Secret Garden) is the dictum. This whole-hearted attachment to the Divine signifies both for Baba and Islam, the goal of life.


    Undimmed by any other concern the goal has always been stressed by the Sufis in Islam. It is in essence a state of awareness, when darkness and light are surpassed and the cosmos is taken into the heart, when only love exists, then one has just touched the goal. This experience, variously named by philosophers, is basically the same. One need not go to heaven. Its signs “are everywhere in the world as well as within,” says the Quran. “The whole world is filled with God.” Baba points out (Gita Discourses: page 247): “the multiplicity of form in the external disappears.” Both Baba and Rumi advise: “Keep the eye on the Infinite.” Surprisingly, the analogy used by them is similar – that of the sugar in sweets and light in lamps. The use of “I” in the Quran and by Baba for the personal aspect of God also is the same. At the same time He is impersonal too. He remains “One without a second.” (Gita Discourses: Page 21). When correctly understood, this also is the meaning of the first principle of Islam which declares:


    Prof. Zeba Basbiruddin
    Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam

  33. jack says

    Sai Dav read the koran and the hadiths then u might understand why baba said those things in the current climate of india and the rest of the world

  34. Satchidananda says

    One minute of meditation that brings inner peace and knowledge of one’s self is better than 1000s of discussions using our mind and intellect. Swami says Master your mind and be mastermind!! Let us concentrate on seeking inner knowledge rather than pointing fingers at each other. Nothing is right or wrong in this world. It is all our understanding based on our thoughts. Everything in this cosmos happens by God’s will; so why debate what is right or what is wrong. Let us be his message and lead the humanity towards peace and love! Jai Sai Ram!!

  35. Dr. O. P. Sudrania says

    @Mark, have you read a book by Prof Erlandur Haraldsson – Modern Miracles: An investigative report on psychic phenomena associated with Satya Sai Baba. He wrote it in early 1980s after an intensive research of Baba’s actitvities. I recommend it to everybody to read it. It gives solid evidence as Prof EH himself has asserted. He has exposed all those false BBC documentaries by Tania Datta too.

    I knew it long back as well as these “Anti Sai Mujahideens” long back. Since Swami always said that I have no middleman between me and my devotees, nobody ever tried to interfere in these matters because Baba used to assert that even those who defile me, are my devotees. Who are you to interfere in my work?
    This is what Swami used to tell.

    His point was, “The bad news spreads faster”. They are also my agents like we have thiefs as well as police. Both have their own fields of activity. Let them do it. Thiefs make us alert. Hence they are required. This is a very high grade of philosophy, only Baba could preach. “Nindak niyare raakhiye, aangan kuty chhawaya”. I think it was Rahim poet who had said it and inspired by Hinduism. It means – keep those in your own premises who defile you because they will keep you alert and informed. I only remember his one line out of the “Doha” (couplet).

    I have always avoided these Anti Sai Mujahideens. They have a full time job. It must have a larger and deeper ramifications, I just discovered it very recently after my some innocent usual comments that I often make on various topics. In some blog, they discovered me to fire me by picking up unrelated quarrel and went at length. I need not detail all those, but it gave me an opportunity to know their jihadi industry and secret mission. I felt it shameful for a civil society.

    Unfortunately some of them even use a prefix – “Sir XYZ”. I am sure if Her Excellency The Queen of England comes to know it, Her Majesty will certainly never feel happy about it. Baba has been visited by one of the estranged Royal Ladyship and Prince Charles was introduced to Sai Baba by his close friend – Dr. Keith Critchlow, the Dean of London School of Architecture and he was the man who also designed the Puttaparty Super Speciality Hospital. But Prince Charles was dissuaded by MI6 as the rumours go. Reasons must be lloud and clear. But Lady Camilla Parker visited Bangalore for her Panchtantra treatment for facials. It shows the love of Prince Charles for Indian heritage.

    I hope that Her Majesty The Queen of UK will investigate this another jihadi group like we detaste the Al Qaedas before they defame the British Crown and Royal Heritage.

    It also brings the Vatican under cloud because a lot of them were earlier using their Christian credentials like it is Anti Christ but now they masquerade as Indians/Hindus to hide their real identity. For the same reason these “Good Shepherds” also use pseudonyms to disguise their true identity.

    I am ashamed but if anything, emboldened to speak up. These Mujahideens feel that a lie repeated enough will look like truth. They are mistaken. Edmond Burke had said, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. A great saying. Anti Sai Industry is like Al Qaeda; they will meet their demise in due course because the good men has now known them enough.

    God bless

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