Picture of the Week: Wheel of Dharma

Dharma Wheel

Wheel of Dharma (Dharma Wheel)

Wheel of Dharma or Life, also known as Dharma Chakra is a symbol that has represented dharma, the Buddha’s teaching of the path to enlightenment, since the early period of Indian Buddhism. A similar symbol is also in used in Jainism and the Dharmic faiths. It is one of the Ashtamangala symbols.The Dharma Chakra symbol is represented as a chariot wheel (Sanskrit cakram) with 8 or more spokes. It is one of the oldest known symbols in Buddhism found in Indian art, appearing with the first surviving post-Harappan Indian iconography in the time of the Buddhist king Asoka.

Buddhists borrowed the Wheel of Dharma symbol from a Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) symbol that represented “samsara” (the cycle of rebirth/reincarnation), but have re-interpreted the symbol as a wheel the overcomes all obstacles.

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