Picture of the Week: Narasimha & Prahlad

Narasimha with Prahlad

Narasimha with Prahlad

Narasimha is an avatar of Vishnu described in the Puranas, Upanishads and other ancient religious texts of Hinduism.

The legend on King Hiranyakashipu is one of the explanations Hindus look back to. The King condemned his son, Prahlad, from worshipping the god Vishnu. However, he continued to pray to him. Filled with anger, the King made a challenge to his son. He was to sit on a pyre along with his aunt Holika, believed to be unharmed by fire. The son accepted the challenge, praying to Vishnu to protect him. As the fire began, Holika was burnt to a crisp but Prahlad lived and was unharmed. This burning of Holika is the reason why Holi exists.

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  1. shobhit says

    this is very much out of sense…………….. who can imagine that type of image!!!!! of not another one……the lord narsingh.!!!!!

    such a stupid imagination……. because how can our goddess can sit on the lord’s body like that..??? on the very angry moment……….!!! this is too much out of sense

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