From Sadhakra to Siddha

Vedanta Vichara - From Sadhakra to Siddha

I would like to briefly discuss the path of a mumukSu leading his way up to mokSa with the firm assimilation of Self knowledge (aham sat chit ananda svarupa? sarva antaryAmi chit AkAsha rUpa? asmi iti draDha niSchaya ). This is a summary for quick recollection for those who have already studied an introductory text- […]

Science, Vedanta and Free-will

Vedanta Vichara - Inquiry into Vedanta

(CHAKRA Blogs) I am sharing some of my thoughts on Science, vedAnta and free-will. I will be looking at these ideas through the Vedic lens, incorporating them into our present scientific understanding. Science does not ‘define’ fundamentals, it ‘describes’ phenomenons and interactions. Science helps us see connections and make material sense of this jagat by coming […]

New Book Defends Hinduism’s Philosophical Unity – Indra’s Net

Indra's Net Book

(CHAKRA) It is fashionable among intellectuals to assert that Dharma traditions lacked any semblance of unity before the British period, and that the contours of contemporary Hinduism were bequeathed to us by our colonial masters. Such arguments routinely target Swami Vivekananda, a key interlocutor who shattered many deeply rooted prejudices against Indian civilization. They accuse […]

America’s Largest Hindu Rights Group Responds to Allegations Leveled by Islamist and Communist-Linked Groups

Hindus are constantly targeted (verbally and physically) by Islamists and Marxists worldwide

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) was made aware today that the internet portal calling itself the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), released a report to various media outlets ostensibly attacking HAF. More of a personal attack on certain leaders of HAF, the report repeats nearly decade old accusations that organizations now affiliating under the umbrella of […]

Picture of the Week: Goddess Lakshmi (Laxmiji)

Hindu Goddess Laxmi (Lakshmi) - Diwali Deepavali

Lakshmi ji (or Laxmi) the a goddess in Hinduism known to symbolize wealth, spiritual and physical wealth, good health and fortune. She is wife of Lord Vishnu Bhagawan. Representations of Lakshmi are also present in Jainism temples. People give their attention to Lakshmiji most during Deepavali (Diwali). Lakshmi pooja is a religious ritual and celebration […]

Reincarnation in the Vedas


By Yogi Baba Prem Yogacharya, Veda Visharada It has become common to hear from followers of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) and scholars that reincarnation is not found in the Vedas; regrettably this is often due to a great deal of misinformation  as well as an emerging literalist mentality that is attempting to sweep the global community.  While it […]

“Yoga” or “Not Yoga”- The Greatest Heist of the 20th Century

A traditional yoga camp held by popular yoga guru Swami Ramdev - source

(CHAKRA) I was recently involved in a controversial group discussion over e-mail on the topic of Yoga. The contention was whether Yoga- that is widely practiced today in the Americas is really Yoga, or is it “Voga”- a term coined by a close friend to describe the practices abroad that no longer carry the essence […]